Meeting this Sunday, March 11, 2018

IPC Workshop on Whidbey Island Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016

Greetings Pipers!

At the September meeting, we decided that it’s time for an extended get together to focus on maintaining your set and doing some of the work that often gets put off.   To that end, Tom Quinn, our current Chairman, has offered to host a workshop at his place on Whidbey Island. We’ll convene on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10 o’clock.  Phil White will be on hand to help with reed adjustment, and there will be tools and materials available.  If you’d like to make a wooden box- type case we could do that also. There will be a session in the evening after dinner.  If you’d like to stay over, let Tom know.  There is floor space and room outside to pitch a tent if  that is more to your liking.  Please contact Tom Quinn if you are interested in attending and for further information.  Tom’s Place is located at:  8109 Autumn Lane, Clinton, WA  (Located in Sandy  Cove, a few miles from the ferry landing)  Tom’s cell is:  425-864-0993 or e-mail:   Let us know if you need anything in particular.  Should be fun, and hope you can make it!

Rod Marguson, IPC Treasurer

October IPC Meeting on Sunday Oct. 11 @ 2:00 in Ballard

Greetings Pipers and friends,
October is upon us and it’s time for a club meeting.

Tom Creegan has generously offered his home as the meeting spot.

My apologies for the late notice, but my best intentions have lead me once again to the road to a place I’ve been before…

The Place: 8726 25th Ave. NW
The time: 2:00 – 5:00
The: reason: Looks like a rainy Sunday afternoon, and what better way to spend it than with the IPC

Bring your pipes, a snack to share, and something to drink and we’ll carry on in our usual (unusual) form! Hope you can make it, and once again my apologies for the last minute reminder.

IPC Treasurer

IPC Meeting Sunday March. 15, 2015

Greetings Pipers,

‘We’ll have an Irish Pipers’ Meeting this
Sunday afternoon in the newly remodeled confines of Murphy’s Pub in Wallingford. (corner of 45th & Meridian Ave.)

We realize that this is the
Sunday before St. Patrick’s, but hope you can make it out to meet up and help us make some plans for the coming months and re-connect.

Plan B: If it turns out the pub is too busy or not really suitable we can change venues to my house which is just a couple blocks away (4523 Corliss

Hope to see you there and all the best for St. Patrick’s!


IPC Treasurer

December IPC meeting this Sunday–Dec. 14 @ 2-5 p.m.

Greetings Pipers,
If you haven’t made it to a meeting lately, it is time to reconnect, play a few tunes, talk reeds and pipes, and make some plans for the future.
Where: Rod’s house in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle
When: Sunday Dec. 14 from 2 – 5 pm.
Why: Because it’s time!

Bring your pipes, a beverage or two, and some snacks to share if you’d like.
All the best for the upcoming Holiday season!

IPC Treasurer